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  • Daily post ideas for social media for your Author Facebook Page, your Instagram, TikTok or Reels and your Reader Group
  • Access to 120+ Canva templates
  • A social media audit and how-to guide for all your social media platforms
  • An author website design guide
  • A valuable resource guide with tools to help you master your social media

A total value of over $900 all for just $29!



Gain instant access to over 120 quality and fully customizable Canva templates- a value of over $250!

What our authors are saying

Fire & Ink Ebook

Emily Rose

Romance Author

I purchased the 2022 Content Calendar last year, which changed my life. I know everyone says that about things, but this really did. When I purchased the 2022 version, I was sure I would only use it every so often, but I was getting burnt out trying to come up with fun social media posts and what to say to get more engagement. This Content Calendar made things so much easier and took my engagement from very low to constant. I have something to post every day, and people love it. The questions, the graphics, the TikToks, all of it make it so much easier to reach my readers. If you are looking for something to help you transform your social media game, then look no further. This will help you and change how you view social media. It won't be a chore that needs to get done, it'll be FUN!


Jason Wrench

Romance and Cozy Mystery Author

Any author who is looking to up their game or streamline their social media content would benefit from this calendar


Kenzie Kelley

Sci Romance and Urban Fantasy Author

Thank you Meet Cute Creative for the 2023 Author Content Calendar! I've struggled to keep up with social media in the past, but your calendar made it easy to schedule an entire month's (or more!) content in just a few hours. The prompts are easily personalized to fit my brand and audience, and the resources keep me from falling into a graphics rabbit hole. As an author managing my own SM accounts, this thing is invaluable.

IMG_6404_JPG (1)

Amanda Houser

Fantasy & Paranormal Sci-Fi Author

I have downloaded 2 years of the Author Content Calendar now and have not been disappointed yet! The daily prompts are a helpful tool when you get stuck staring at the screen, trying to figure out what to talk about. But they help narrow it down and appeal to readers! The calendar is very well-organized, and it is easy to find the things I'm looking for, not to mention all of the neatly curated links on the first page that make it simple to reach my intended page with the click of a button! This is perfect for authors looking to build a know, like, and trust relationship with their readers. But honestly, my favorite part of the whole calendar is probably the included Canva templates. I use them on a regular basis, and because they are templates it is SO easy to change them up and use them all over again with different colors or to feature new releases! I definitely recommend the Author Content Calendar, this year, next year, and the year after that! And probably every year until my fingers can no longer write books!!


T.E. Ridener

Paranormal Romance Author

The 2023 Author Content Calendar is going to be well worth the investment! If you're like me, you don't always have time to sit down and come up with new ideas on what you can share with your audience (we should be writing, right?). Also, when was the last time you took a look at the numbers for your social media pages, across the board? The Author Content Calendar includes the Social Media Audit, and that alone will be worth the $$ you spend! I am so excited to move forward with this calendar. Don't hesitate!


Gerard Louise

Historical Fiction Author

I was struggling with what to share on social media and my newsletter to all my readers and having these hundreds of prompts and pre-designed templates has been a lifesaver! 

Check out how our calendar works!

Take a tour on how easy it is to use our calendar!

and our author pa's who love our calendar, too!


Karisma Carpenter

Author PA

As a PA for several authors, having the Author Content Calendar as a resource has allowed me to cut down my time pre-scheduling and creating content in half. I am not only able to find high-quality, engagement generating posts and ideas to post in my author’s Facebook groups and on their social media, but I can also easily customize it to fit each of their unique brands. This is a great investment in my career and I recommend it to all my PA friends!


Alisha Luiz

Author PA

I am a PA for a New York Times bestselling author and manage her reader group, ARC team and ALL her social media and am always on the hunt for creative and engagement worthy content to post. Thanks to the Author Content Calendar, I have a bank of amazing resources, graphics, memes and engagement questions I can use to create unique, fresh content for all the platforms I manage. If you’re a PA and struggling to come up with content, you need this calendar!


Mary Graham

Author PA

As a PA, it can be such a struggle coming up with content every day. I love how easy it is to quickly and easily create content for my authors and customize it based on all their genres and platforms. The content calendar is 1000% needed for every author and PA out there!

Untitled design (1)

Jimena Jiménez

Author PA

I used the 2022 Meet Cute Calendar weekly (if not daily!) and used it for all my clients! I love how quick and easy it was to create content for my clients that helped us grow our platforms, find more readers and keep our FB group really engaged! 

Imagine Having 12-Months Of Content Planned, Without The Hours Of Work & Overwhelm.


What makes our content calendar different?

Simple: we know that not all engagement is created equal.

Sure you can post a #ManCrushMonday or a #throwbackthursday but how is that fostering engagement with your followers? Instead of just giving you a hashtag to use, we offer examples, ideas and tips of engaging questions to generate conversation and excitement.

At the end of the day, we see social media as a tool to not just engage BUT to sell! We'll show you how you can do both!

the 2023 author content calendar (2)

Q&A Time

Maintaining an active and vibrant social media presence is important to establishing yourself as a brand: and you are a brand! Social media helps create community and engagement and helps future readers find you! But social media can also be a trap that sucks you in for hours and hours- with our content calendar, you can plan all your posts ahead and spend your valuable time engaging with your community rather than struggling to come up with new and exciting posts at the last minute.

Totally! Trust me when I say, I know I am not building a rocket machine here.

And yet...

I know your time is valuable. You know your time is valuable. Is it the best use of your time to be crafting social media posts when you can invest in a tool to help you? Why not allow us to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on writing your next bestseller!

Nope! All the posts are customizable enough to tailor to you and your audience. And posts that are similar are designed that way so we can use the power of trends to promote and boost our content! Win-win for everyone!

Yes! The prompts provided are useable by all genres! Please note, some of our content is PG-13+ to cater to our authors who write in spicier genres, but you can easily edit those prompts or simply not use them- there will still be plenty of content left!

Editing your templates is easy (and dare I say fun!) and each Canva template pack comes with a how-to video explaining how to easily update, edit and download your templates!

Yes! You can absolutely still purchase and use this calendar for your clients. The only requirement is that you are the only user and you do not share the log-in with your clients. For clarification on how you can use the product, please view our Terms of Service. If you are a PA agency looking for an agency level account access, please email me! 

This is a digital product, and you will get full access to all the content and Canva templates right away, therefore Author Content Calendar is unable to refund your money. I do want you to be 100% happy with your purchase so if you have any issues, please email me at 

While there will definitely be some overlap between both calendars (like holidays!), we've changed up and added a few things. Here are some of the fun things we've added to this year's calendar: 

The number one question we received from users was "well, what do I post on Instagram vs. Facebook vs. TikTok vs. my reader group?" With only one prompt per day, it was hard to translate that to all the different social media platforms we are on. 

So we broke it down. We created prompts for each platform for every day. And while some prompts repeat (like evergreen content for promoting your newsletter or sharing teasers), we offer fun and engaging ways to share similar content, different ways! 



If you run into any issues or would like more hands-on assistance with your social media, please feel free to email me at and I would be happy to help you! 

All right, I'm in. I want my calendar. How do I access it?

We're so excited you are investing in your career! You can easily access the calendar by clicking the button below and once your payment submits, you will be given the option to download the calendar as a Google Sheet, an Excel document or a PDF!